Nubian Dollar

The Idea

The concept of Nubian Dollar began in 2019. A group of friends, communicating thru group text, was searching for a new black-owned restaurant to visit. They were adventurous that day and ready to journey across Dallas-Fort Worth. After an inundation of group text messages about restaurants some of them didn't know existed, they were inspired to initiate something on a grander scale. Nubian Dollar was conceived to find black-owned businesses to support in local communities.

The Journey

For any new business venture to be successful it takes planning, dedication, and sacrifice. It took a considerable amount of time to develop Nubian Dollar. There was a ton of meticulous work that a team of family and friends helped complete. Without their contributions, Nubian Dollar would not exist. Their reward is in your uncompromising support.

The Vision

The Nubian Dollar vision is to support black-owned businesses by using technology that will help grow customers.